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Lye, Glycerin and You
We get a lot of questions about our soaps and lye. There is a misconception that lye soaps aren't natural soaps. Lye does occur in nature, however, we use lye created by man because natural lye is unpredictable and dangerous. Some people snub their nose at lye soaps and buy "lye-less" soaps. "Lye-less" soap is either made with glycerin or it doesn't clean you. One thing many people don't know: glycerin is made from lye. So that lye-less soap with glycerin that you are buying is the same thing as our soap. The only difference is we made the glycerin ourselves and can guarantee it's quality. Lye technically isn't even an ingredient in soap. It's a reactant that causes the oils to turn into glycerin.

Each of our soaps have unique qualities that are good for your skin and hair in different ways. Read the information below to find out which soap is best for you!

Goat's Milk Soap
The high fat content, vitamins and minerals in goat's milk help make it one of the most moisturizing soaps out there. Without all the unnatural creams and oils put in commercial moisturizing soaps
Of the many vitamins in goat's milk soap is vitamin A, which repairs damaged skin tissue, can help reduce lines and wrinkles, control acne and provide some psoriasis relief.
One of the minerals in goat's milk soap is selenium. Selenium can help prevent damage to the skin from too much sun exposure, reducing the risk of skin cancer
Is Goat's Milk Soap For Me?
If you have dry or sensitive skin, goat's milk is the way to go!
People have told us that our goat's milk soap has cleared up their eczema.
If you want a soap that is going to moisturize like nothing else and make you feel good for supporting hard working goat farmers, you can't do better than Taveren Farm's Goat Milk Soap.

Beer Soap
When most people see our beer soap they chuckle and move on. Some buy it for the "novelty" of it and think it would make a funny gift. However, beyond the novelty of soap made with beer, it is quite good for you.
Beer has many properties that help your skin and hair. In fact, it is more cleansing than our goat milk soap.
The yeast in the beer helps renew skin, lock in moisture and regulate ph. This makes it very good for acne!
Beer soap warms up joints, relieves muscle tension and supports the immune system.
Is Beer Soap For Me?
You've worked a long day, you're sore and you just want to sit down and put some beer inside you. Don't stop there! Put it all over your body with Taveren Farm's Beer Soap! It will relax your muscles and even lock in moisture. Your wife may still have to deal with the beer belly, but at least the skin (and hair?) stretched over it will be beautiful. And clean!
Beer soap isn't just for those who are old enough to enjoy beer. It's great for teens and other people with acne.
Beer soap does not, however, get you drunk! Even if you have a whole 12 pack! Trust me.

Wine Soap
Nothing relaxes you at the end of the day quite like a glass of your favorite wine. You should try it on your body! Wine is full of nutrients and antioxidants to give you glowing, youthful skin!
The antioxidants fight skin-aging free radicals to help you maintain youthful skin. They are rich in amino acids which boost skin renewal and prevent sun damage.
Wine soap contains zinc, which clears the skin and l-tartaric acid, which stimulates the development of new cells
Red wine helps revive the glow in aging skin.
White whine treats oily, congested skin.
Is Wine Soap For Me?
Do you want to go backwards in time? A time when you were at your prime? Your skin was beautiful and glowing and your biggest stress was figuring out how you wanted to spend your free time.
Wine soap is for you!
You don't always have time to sneak in a relaxing glass of wine between soccer practice and helping with homework. Well, now your skin can reap the benefits by simply changing your current soap to Taveren Farm's Wine Soap!

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