Wednesday, June 4, 2014

CSA: Week 1 - May 29th

This was the first time we have ever done a CSA. For those who don't know what a CSA is it stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Farms will offer "shares" that you usually pay for at at once at the beginning, monthly, or weekly. The one we chose you pay it all up front and they offered full and half shares. The shares run for 22 weeks and the full share is $500, and the half share is $300. We chose the half share. It's only the two of us. Pick up is every thursday.

This week we got: a head of Green Lettuce, a bunch of Kale, Chard, Arugula, Rhubarb, and a half dozen eggs.

What we made with our share this week:

We substituted the ground sausage for baked Kielbasa. And we did not use pine nuts.

We didn't have bacon or leeks so we didn't add that. We also only have red potatoes instead of russets.

I used half what was called for Rhubarb and added Strawberries.

We also used the lettuce, arugula, and some kale for salads.