Friday, July 5, 2013

Boot cuff/Boot candy Knitting Pattern

Needles: set of US 8 dpns
Yarn: worsted weight
Other: tapestry needle, stitch marker, row counter

Skill: intermediate 

K2tog: knit two together
K3tog: knit three together
Yo: yarn over

Round 11 how to video: HERE

Using long tail cast on CO 48 sts, 12 sts on each needle.
Rnd 1-10: k2, p2 repeat around. May want to use stitch marker at beginning
Rnd 11: k1, (k3tog((keep those 3 sts on the left needle)), yo, k3tog in same st) repeat around.
Rnd 12: knit
Rnd 13-25: repeat rnd 11-12
Rnd 26-27: k2, p2 repeat around
Rnd 28: k2tog, p2 repeat around
Rnd 29-30: k1, p2 repeat around
Bind off: k2, pull first st over second st and off needle. k1 pull old st over new st and off needle. Repeat until you have one st left. Cut yarn and pull though last st.
Weave in ends

Now make another for the other leg!

I hope you enjoyed this pattern! It can be tricky, I hope to start doing youtube videos on how to do knit and crochet patterns. Do you prefer how to videos?

Enjoy! xo